Scams are crimes where people try to rip you off.

Cyberscams are those that happen on the internet, social media, email and phone calls and text messages. Anyone can be scammed, but people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) may be more at risk.

The CYBERABILTY Project includes Monash University researchers, people with living
experience of being scammed after ABI, and disability services who are working together
to understand how to help people with ABI stay safe from scams.

  • We offer free online training to help anyone improve their online safety.
  • We conduct research studies to better understand online risks and scams for people
    with ABI
  • We promote awareness of scam safety through the press, media and conferences
  • We include a team of Ambassadors with living experience of scams and brain injury
  • We advocate for CYBERABILITY to be prioritized within the neurorehabilitation,
    disability and technology sectors

The CYBERABILITY Project gratefully acknowledges the support of Monash University,
the eSafety Commission, the Summer Foundation and Brain Injury Matters.

Video About the CYBERABILITY project

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